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Creating a Legacy of Hope

Trauma changes everything—a person's perspective, thinking, emotional responses, and behavior. And taking steps to heal is hard. Patrick Henry Family Services (PHFS) meets families from trauma Every child deserves to be in a safe and healthy home. We meet families right where they are to provide healing, restoration, and hope. right where they are. We send counselors into schools and into homes to bring healing to hurting children and parents. For struggling kids from hard places, our camps give them the confidence and courage they need to thrive. A mom on drugs loses her kids, and we teach her the skills to get them back, nurture them, and create a stable life. PHFS confronts trauma so every child can be in a thriving family, supported by a faithful community.

Our vision is simple, but it is bold. And just as it has endured for six decades, it will outlast us all. Our Legacy givers are establishing a solid foundation to meet tomorrow's needs—because with every met need, there is always more to be done.

Your faithfulness is leaving a legacy of hope.